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Network Marketing
has produced more
millionaires than
any other single industry!

Home shopping is one of the fastest growing retailing trends worldwide

Kleeneze is positioned perfectly in front of these trends!

With high job insecurity and pressure on pension funds, more and more people are looking for other ways to make an income

By 2050, it is estimated that up to 50% of products will be moved via direct sales









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Catalogue Distribution & Network Marketing

Direct Selling via Network Marketing

Direct Selling is a multi-billion pound industry with more than 38 million people involved worldwide and is now regarded by many business leaders as the business of the future.

Kleeneze are a Direct Selling company with the the actual selling removed via the catalogues. Kleeneze take their products directly to the customer via independent distributors, or representatives. By using this direct method of distribution, all the traditional middlemen are cut out of the equation, as shown below:

Direct Selling diagram

The savings that the company makes through this method are paid back to the network of distributors.  In 2002 for example, Kleeneze paid out nearly £50 million to its network of independent distributors – big business! 

With the projected growth, this figure is set to continue to grow at an exciting pace.  Do you want your share?

Network Marketing

Not only are Kleeneze a direct selling company, but they also operate a full network marketing programme, whereby each distributor who starts his/her business can introduce other people into the business for extra profits.  In fact, the process of networking or sponsoring, is responsible for the company’s growth and Kleeneze pay around half of their turnover back into the distributor network – the lucrative side of the business!

It's a winning formula - Direct selling and catalogue distribution methodology, combined with the highly lucrative network marketing income structure!

Every person that you sponsor into the business, becomes part of your team and the company pays you a percentage of the turnover of each of these people.  The potential incomes are staggering and network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other single industry!

When you join the business, you will receive full training and support from the Real Earners Group, meaning anyone can succeed at building a successful business.

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